Find your path, CHANGE your story!

Find your path, CHANGE your story! Find your path, CHANGE your story!


Carolyn just instinctively "gets it" The minute that you meet her you feel safe and without even been prompted you start to open. Her presence is calm and warm and along side that is this quiet strength and determination to take all her clients to the places that will bring transformation and true change. She is not only able to hold the space for her own clients, but she has gone to those places within herself, through her own personal development, in order to show up with integrity and authenticity. She is a natural and truly understands people. - Tara

"As a perfectionist, anxiety-ridden varsity athlete, Carolyn Rusin has brought clarity to my life and hope for the future. As a fourth year University student, the stress of schoolwork and attaining unmatched grades combined with attending practices and workouts for my sport all while being a good friend, seamless mentor, loving girlfriend and caring daughter to two recently divorced parents had definitely overwhelmed me and left me questioning everything. It was then where Carolyn stepped in and offered skillful guidance which enabled me to realize there is more to life than the details- the grades, the court time or even the house you live in. She allowed me to accept my emotions, ensured that it was not unordinary to be feeling how I was and offered expertise which ultimately changed the way I viewed life. Her warmth and compassion made it incredibly easy to share my story and she has taught me that ‘Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain.’ I am forever grateful for all the help Carolyn has offered both to myself and my family as without her we certainly would not be where we are today.” - Jenny ​ 

​ “After 22 years of marriage came to end this past summer, Carolyn Rusin has done a tremendous job at helping me deal with the repercussions of this major life alteration. Her warming presence made it easy to confide in her and she was incredibly understanding about the entire situation as expressed through being genuinely concerned for my children while at the same time educating myself on what I can do in my own life to learn from the situation and strive forward to be the best version of myself.” -Sarah 

I have always found it difficult to open up to people about my personal life.  So when I was faced with some very personal challenges which I knew I needed to speak to someone about, Carolyn was a natural choice.  Her clear thinking style, and her voice of reason allowed me to unpack all of my feelings which she then helped me to work through to get to the real issues; and, she then provided me sound, compassionate advice and guidance to chart a path forward.  I and my family are on a much stronger and positive course, thanks to Carolyn - Lynn 

I have always prided myself on being able to work my own way through life's challenges.  However, I know now that some situations simply can't be dealt with that way.  I found myself in such a circumstance a few years back, and I am so grateful that I was able to turn to Carolyn for support and guidance during this time.  Her open and receptive style made it easy to share my feelings and concerns, and she helped me to focus my energy on mapping out solutions to deal with my issues.  I am thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Carolyn and would highly recommend her to anyone in need of Life Coaching. - Michael

clear direction, frustration, selfcare, mindset, change, coaching, life coaching

clear direction, frustration, selfcare, mindset, change, coaching, life coaching