Find your path, CHANGE your story!

Find your path, CHANGE your story! Find your path, CHANGE your story!

Find your path, CHANGE your story!

Find your path, CHANGE your story! Find your path, CHANGE your story!

I help women who feel stuck and disengaged, rediscover their true selves.


I help women who feel stuck and disengaged, rediscover their true selves.

It's OK, not to feel ok.

Sometimes everything looks great from the outside, but inside we feel lost and overwhelmed. Or for some of us we can't put our finger on it, but we know that deep down inside something isn't right....

Support at Work - Through Webinars and Online Workshops


 1 Hr Webinar -  How to Manage the Unknown, by Creating New Healthy Daily Habits 


We are living in times that are changing hourly. How is it even possible to keep up? What can YOU do to create new habits to make such a difficult situation easier? By the end of this Webinar, you will have specific strategies to put into place immediately! 

We will cover topics such as: 

  • How do you start your day? The good, bad and ugly of the media. 
  • How to create reasonable expectations for ourselves, our kids, our
    home and our relationships.  
  • How to create stable work/living environments at home. Creating
    a “Not to do list”.  
  • Understanding that YOU control your feelings and emotions even
    during a pandemic! (The Triad)  

What people are saying......

Senior HR Manager as Save The Children Canada

"I had the pleasure to virtually meet Carolyn during COVID19 and she delivered a very much needed session to our stressed out workforce. Her approach is honest and refreshing and reminds us to love and take care of ourselves. The session ended with a great visualization, relaxation meditation. Thanks so much Carolyn and I hope to work with you soon again and meet you in person."


 2 Hr Interactive Workshop -  Serenity, Both Personally and Professionally During Times of Crisis 

This is a whole new world that we are living in now. Not only have things changed with the way we work, but how we live at home as well. By the end of this interactive workshop, you will have specific strategies to put into place immediately! 

We will cover topics such as: 

  • Creating a calmness in your mind amongst the chaos. Learning
    different strategies to find that serenity. 
  • A different way of looking at gratitude.  
  • Breaking strong negative emotional patterns - such as going from depression
    and helplessness to anger and frustration. 
  • Learning how to control only what you can control.  
  • Looking at how the rules that you have for your values control your
    own happiness. 

What people are saying....

Wellness Advisor, Human Resources Services, YRDSB

"The strategies that Carolyn provided were very specific and easy to implement at work and home immediately. There were many "ah ha" moments as she provided several different ways of looking at a variety of situations. Carolyn also had the staff look at some deeper issues that made them re-evaluated how they control their own happiness in ways they had never thought of before. They were left feeling very empowered and capable of making positive changes in their lives."

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Find Your Path, Change Your Story!

Hi, I'm Carolyn Rusin,  as a Speaker and Coach, I work with women who feel disengaged, rediscover their true selves.

 A lot of times I run into women who have gotten so caught up with taking care of the kids and keeping up with the family and the house, and juggling their own jobs, that they lose track of who they really are throughout that process.

And the thing is for most of them everything looks great from the outside!

They have a nice house, wonderful children and a great husband. But deep down inside they know that something doesn't feel right. They feel overwhelmed, they feel lost, but they have no idea how to get back into alignment or back on track.

What I do is walk them through a step by step process that quickly identifies not only what’s missing, but points them in the right direction for what they need to consider to feel more fulfilled.

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"Carolyn is empathetic, easy to talk to but also a strong leader and holds her clients accountable."

Special Corona Virus Offer


SPECIAL OFFER! Our world has turned upside down with covid 19!

We are living in a lot of uncertainty right now. People being out of work, students out of school, everything shutting down left, right and centre. It is hard to feel calm and grounded at a time like this. 

Remember, those around you, especially your children. They will pick up on your panicky vibes and like this virus, it spreads! We have to be in control of what we can control. Limit the exposure to the news and social media for you and your children! Yes some posts are silly, but it is the constant focus on the problem that brings people down. 

This is a chance to spend some quality time with your is going to be a long road. If you need some help, I am putting out a special offer of single coaching sessions. I know that for some there is uncertainty over money, so no commitment needed, just some awesome one on one coaching with specialized strategies that you can put into place immediately! Just send me a message or click below on book your one hour strategy session.

What are people saying about Carolyn Rusin?

"Carolyn has drive and passion to help others! She exemplifies what it means to be tenacious and persistent. Her insights transform lives."

"Carolyn's clear thinking style, and her voice of reason allowed me to unpack all of my feelings to get to the real issues. She then provided me sound, compassionate advice and guidance to chart a path forward."

 "If you have the chance to work with Carolyn then take it - she will help you grow and discover so much power you'll be able to conquer your world!"

What I Offer

I offer both workshops for companies and also one on one INDIVIDUAL sessionS THAT CAN BE IN PERSON OR LIVE VIDEO CALLS.


I loved the presentation!  I am thinking about my values and expectations a lot right now since attending your workshop. It was very thought provoking. I've recommended your next workshop to some of my colleagues as I know they will love it as much as I did.

- Pauline

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